Data Coordinator

`Q Youth Resources

Position Description

Position Title:        Data Specialist

Responsible To:    President or Vice President of the Board of Directors

Compensation:      Volunteer

Term:                       One year, can be renewed.

Position Summary:   Responsible for the input, tracking and reporting of QYR demographics our pre-established database.


  • Collects data sheets from QYR
  • Inputs data collected at Friday night drop in and special events
  • Produces monthly reports regarding QYR demographics using Microsoft Access programming.
  • Provides reports to QYR board monthly
  • Provides specific reports for grants, as requested by board members
  • Attends board meetings on an as needed basis


  • Be able navigate Microsoft Access
  • Be able to communicate well in writing and orally
  • Have a commitment to Queer you and the goals and objectives of QYR

Time Commitment:

  • Minimum five hours a month
  • Participate in volunteer trainings throughout the year as needed


  • Use skills and learn new skills for personal and professional development
  • Meet new people throughout the community
  • Network with professionals throughout Kitsap County and the Puget Sound region