Outreach Coordinator

Q Youth Resources

Job Description

Position Title:        Outreach Coordinator

Responsible To:    President or Vice President of the Board of Directors

Compensation:      Volunteer

Term:                       One year, can be renewed.

Position Summary:    Coordinate QYR engagements with community partners, business, and local schools.


  • Collaborate with the Volunteer Coordinator to maintain outreach volunteer corps.
  • Schedule quarterly GSA engagements with school advisors.
  •  Represent the Q Center in community meetings.
  • Facilitate training inquires with vetted professionals as needed.
  • Staff the Q Center table at the Kitsap County Youth Rights Rally, Kitsap Pride, and similar events
  • Maintain communication channels between the community and the Q Center.


  • Positive, supportive attitude.
  • Experience in community engagement, partnership collaboration, and coordinated outreach efforts.
  • Be committed to serving LGBTQ+ youth and Q Youth Resources.
  • Able to manage a diverse corps of volunteers, including youth program participants.

Time Commitment:

  • Minimum 10 hours per month
  • Attend community groups at least once every quarter
  • Attend QYR Board of Directors meeting at least once every quarter


  • Use skills and learn new skills for personal and professional development
  • Meet new people throughout the community
  • Network with professionals throughout Kitsap County and the Puget Sound region


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