About Us

A posed gathering of about thirty of our smiling youth outside our old location during a Night of Noise party
We are an all-volunteer nonprofit. QYR believes that we can have the most impact in Kitsap County when we address financial barriers unique to LGBTQ+ young people and their supporters. We also schedule and run events dedicated to their needs and experiences for education, professional growth, and fun!
Pink Prom logo with textured lettering
Pink Prom is a safe space for youth ages 14-20 to dance with the date of their choice. Held annually around May, Pink Prom celebrates all genders, orientations, and relationships. The festivities include drag performances, photography, and the crowning of the Pink Prom court.
The Q Center logo in blue with a large pink Letter Q.
For many years QYR provided an open drop-in center every Friday night for Q Youth. In order to better address the needs of our youth and their families we decided to end this program and instead provide our current services.