Board of Directors

The all-volunteer Board of Directors at Q Youth Resources is made up of people from different backgrounds who all believe in QYR’s mission. 

Eli Oldfield (President) has been volunteering with QYR since 2013. They have held a wide variety of volunteer positions with QYR, and are committed to serving the needs of LGBTQ youth of Kitsap county. When they are not at QYR, you can find them working for progressive causes and candidates across Washington state, and working (to varying degrees of success) on home improvement projects.

Maggie (M.) Rich (Member-at-Large) is a longtime QYR volunteer who has taken on a wide range of positions with The Q Center over their 6 years of service. As a lifelong Kitsap resident and non-profit youth development professional, they care deeply working alongside Kitsap’s LGBTQ+ youth to create community and welcoming spaces.  More than anything they care about doing good, well. 

When not volunteering with QYR you can find them working on other progressive issues in Washington, walking their two chihuahuas and talking about how amazing Kitsap County is! 

Kayla Potts (Member-at-Large) has been volunteering with QYR since 2015. You can find her out in the community as a sexuality educator or on a walk with her pup, Toby. She has a passion for connecting folks with volunteer opportunities that help them thrive and grow.

Jill Davidson, PhD, NCSP (Secretary) is a school psychologist with the North Kitsap School District. She is a woman of transgender history. She is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin and has 35 years’ experience working in K-12 schools.

Anna Cesa (Treasurer) is a social worker with experience providing mental health services to both youth and adults. She heard about Q Youth Resources shortly after moving to Kitsap County and joined the board in 2016. She is very excited for this opportunity to provide further support for LGBTQ+ youth in the community.

Tom Bowen (Member-at-Large) 

 Q Youth Resources is currently recruiting new board member s. If you are interested in learning more, please contact

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