October Poem

It’s that time of the year again when costumes come out
Fairies, clowns, vampires, the usual…
But what about the facade that isn’t just visual?
The mask that we wear from day to day
The repeated lines:
“It’s fine.” “I’m okay.”
Remember although it’s a dark time of year
There’s no need to be alone and in fear
Peak out from under your cloak
You are not an unseen ghost
You are just unusual in world that’s used to static and clean
You are a treat in a constant throng of tricks
You are a soul that makes this world tick
Even if your past is a little haunted
Know that you are terribly wanted
Remove the mask
But only when you’re ready
At first things may feel a little unsteady
Remember to breathe and count to ten
You are so much more than you can imagine.


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